About Us

Mega Crown Technology Innovation Corporation

Was registered in Australia and also in the Philippines to cater the local market. It is also an International Partner of Crown Projects Australia who has been in the business since 1995.

The Australian Directors decided to expand the business in the Philippines as they strongly believes in the potential of a strong-market.

Mid of 2015, the Directors of Crown Projects Australia together with the Philippine Directors decided to register the name Mega Crown Technology Innovation Corporation (MCTI) as a separate entity from Crown Projects Australia creating a NEW NAME in the Philippine Construction Industry.  However, with our desire to have its International affiliate thus, Mega Crown Technology Innovation was also registered in Australia in early 2016.

MCTI is a complete Mechanical Services company that will cater for all your Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning requirements (HVAC). We provide top project management, consultancy design, in the field of CoGeneration and TriGeneration Systems, Renewable Energy, Thermal Energy Storage Systems, Flow Ice Energy Systems, BMCS, Containerized Pumps or Fans Stations & Solar. We are specialized in Energy Saving Project and will help you in achieving a Green Star Rating for your building.

MCTI is a Mechanical Services Consultant for Owners, Developers and Contractors. Our partnership with international industry specialists brings the latest technologies and best practices to the industry. MCTI applies innovative thinking to deliver cost effective and guarantee savings in Design & Implementation in the Mechanical Services space that will satisfy the project requirement and compliance in any applicable government and industry standards.

Before the end of 2018, MCTI has made a great partnership with MD gruppe hand in hand with Cutting Edge Materials Processing Corp and Veradical Construction Group which are both branches of MD

gruppe. With the partnership established, we strongly believed that MCTI will emerged as a strong company that can provide excellent Mechanical Services.

For this year, 2019 we will include supply of mechanical equipment that are innovative, excellent in quality and price competitive.