We have  applied experience and  knowledge to stay ahead of the competition by creating a unigue web-based Energy management System  (EMS)

The easy-to-manage user interface, powerfulreporting capabilities and  remote monitoring by MCTI allows facility owners  and  building managers to make  decisions based on real-time building performance.

The Main Features of MCTI EMS include:
– Real time and historical energy Monitoring & Veriification (M&V)
– Highly scalable system architecture for single to multiple buildings
– Metering integrations: gas, water, electricity, on Mobiles BACnetb and MBus protocols
– Integrated BMS via BACnetb with built-ingraphic user interface (GUI)
– Demand side energy management
– Remote Access: flexible, secure web-based monitoring
– Scrolling screens: live performance data in dashboards for tennants and public on digital display
– Tenant billing for energy usage by zone and tariff period and
– Energy level tracking and reports and scenario simulator