Low maintenance, high efficient, high flow electrostatic precipitators filtration system.

The hood style ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) is a great quality ventilation unit, particularly for food establishments which are more likely to generate higher amounts of cooking fumes and grease vapours. These include restaurants with wok burners, deep fryers, broilers, griddles and grills. The unique canopy integration allows you to save space in your kitchen, eliminating the need for external filtration systems.

Shaped like a kitchen canopy exhaust hood, the electrostatic precipitator can be installed directly over the cooking appliance. When using this device, it is not necessary to purchase a conventional exhaust hood, other air pollutants such as smoke and dust can also be collected by the ESP. Processed exhaust gas should be emitted into well ventilated open areas. Contact your distributor for advice on other proposed uses.


– Stylish design exhaust hood used for (but not exclusive to) commercial kitchens
– Simple ‘in hood’ self-contained electrostatic filter
– Up to 95% efficiency of removing oils and particles generated during the cooking process
– Easy access external controls
– Design incorporates fumes catchment area with electrostatic particle filter
– Easy cleaning and maintenance accessibility