New World Makati – 5 Star Hotel

The project involves the provisions of Jet Thrust Fans Equipment, Controllers and Carbon Monoxide Sensors at strategic locations at Basement 1 and Upper Basement 1 parking levels primarily to limit carbon monoxide concentration in the area to internationally acceptable levels and secondarily to minimize, if not totally remove hot/dead spot.

MCTI services includes designs, supply, installation and commissioning of the project.

Designs are also based on CFD modelling and JTF supplied were innovative using EC motors for energy efficient technology compact design suitable for low ceiling carpark.

The new IV smart, Systemair‘s smallest jet fan, is perfectly suited for use in car parks where ceiling clearances are tight. Despite its compact size, the fan packs a real punch when it comes to air performance thanks to its pair of parallel centrifugal fans, and helps keep your garage safe. The use of 230 V EC fans also keeps installation and operating costs down. High energy efficiency and easy assembly are further standard features which make the IV smart an attractive solution.

– Green Ventilation jet fan with energy-efficient EC technology for day-to-day ventilation, CO monitoring and cold smoke extraction. For you as a HVAC planner or garage operator, all requirements you have whilst also saving energy
– Currently the most compact jet fan on the market. You get a safe solution even for car parks with low ceilings
– Low weight and integrated galvanized steel ceiling mount. Can be mounted quickly, easily and safely
– Available in 50/60 Hz, 230 V EC motors with IP 44, as per EN 60034-5/IEC 85. No expensive supply cables are required, making the technology extra efficient both in terms of energy and cost
– Two parallel sileo centrifugal impellers manufactured from composite material. You benefit from high air volume, high efficiency, high corrosion resistance and quiet running
– Aerodynamically optimized outlet. You benefit from laminar air flow and perfect air mixing