Project Highlights

– Achieved World’s highest LEED environmental rating 
– Achieved Australia’s highest Greenstar environmental rating 
– Minimum Water usage 
– Outstanding score for Energy usage 
– Free night cooling
– 100% fresh air supplied to the Building via counter flow Air to Air Heat Exchangers
– Gas fired absorption chiller operating at extremely high COP in cooling mode and 130% COP at heating mode
– Tracking and fixed photovoltaic panels installed on the Roof
– 3-off Wind Turbine storing Electrical Energy which has been used when the electricity consumption is at its peak – so the most expensive.
– Vacuum toilet technology
– Anaerobic digester to generate gas used to preheat the DHW water.
– Building design was done by Umow Lai Consulting Engineers located in Melbourne.
– Jurek Tr was part of the design team headed by Shane Esmore – one of Umow Lai directors and during – the construction stage Jurel was personally responsible for the design implementation.